Hotel Caribia 3-stars plus in Pinarella di Cervia

There are many 3-star hotels in cool and sunny Pinarella di Cervia. This is the reason why we wanted to differentiate our hotel in order to become the right one for you.
Guests can discover our “soul” and real nature as soon as they enter our hotel. We are close both to the seaside and the pine forest and we identify ourselves with both of them.
The Picone Family has run this hotel with great passion since 1976 and now they have discovered a new enthusiasm. They have recently refurbished the hotel giving it a new elegance and sobriety but always keeping its caracteristic “Romagnolo” style.


HOSPITALITY The first time you enter the hotel you are a guest but soon after you become a friend of ours. Many families decide to come back to Pinarella and spend their holidays in our hotel becoming our “long standing friends”.

TASTES Amedea is the queen of our kitchen. She loves cooking for her friends. That's her greatest passion. She treats each guest as a member of her family.

FAMILY Who can understand the needs of a family better than a family? We are 3 generations of Picone’s working in the hotel: Amedea, Santo, Maurizio, Barbara together with Gloria and Marco. Gloria and Marco are the youngest ones and play together with your children.

FRILLS We wanted to put together all the best hotels on the Adriatic coast of Romagna can give their guests. We matched the hospitality and care for guests together with a new and elegant hotel. We think this match is the right one and will help you spending an unforgettable holiday.

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